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how to wear the BOYFRIEND JEAN

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I remember my classic Levi 501's which I wore until they fell apart back in the early 90's. It is not until recently that I have embraced the boyfriend jean again. I fell in love with a pair at Bardot but they were not for someone who is in her 40's. I hale back from buying them and went on a hunt hoping to find maybe another pair of 501's but had no luck. I left it for a few weeks. Sitting in my own closet was a pair of jeans I had purchased from jeans west a number of years ago. They were slightly baggy around the booty and looked great with a rolled hem. There I instantly had my boyfriend jeans for this season and the only have a slight little feature on the upper left thigh. Perfect. - My favourite way to wear them is with a white tee, blazer and loafers. - image below

Boyfriend jeans should be loose but fitted across the hips, narrow and tapered in the leg and rolled to the ankle to no more than an inch above the ankle.

When purchasing make sure the wash is right for you. Choose something with a worn out look.

Find jeans that fit you correctly. Boyfriend jeans are meant to be loose and roomy, but they should still fit in the waist. Make sure they are not too baggy! Look for a straight-leg style.

Choose a pair that has a "worn-in" look. After all, the concept of "boyfriend jeans" is that you have, in theory, stolen your boyfriend's favorite pair of worn jeans and are wearing them around town--so they shouldn't look brand new!

Roll them up for a cropped look. They look great rolled and paired with everything from stilettos to flat sandals and ankle boots - a great look for any season!

Do not go overboard with the 'worn-in' look. A few holes and tears in the denim is part of the look, but too many rips makes it look sloppy. Find the happy medium.

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