Friday, September 13, 2013

beauty rules ALEXA CHUNG

Alexa Chung's beauty rules

"If I know I'm going out for the day and potentially into the night I add a cat-eye eyeliner. I stole this look from Cleopatra and Ronnie Spector from The Ronettes and I think it's pretty much the most flattering make-up of all time… Practice makes perfect and always think 'up and out'."

"A little eyelash curl goes a long way, especially if, like me you have what could pass as a row of iron filings for eyelashes."

"With lip balm it's best to stick to Australian pawpaw cream or natural products to avoid a massive lip peel, which can happen when you use glosses or overly fragranced products. I will occasionally exfoliate my lips (sounds disgusting, sort of is.) An impromptu exfoliation kit I have used in the past is some Vaseline and brown sugar, which I rub onto my mouth and rinse off with warm water."

"A dot of cream blush on each cheek blended with my fingertips is the approach I now take for that slightly flushed but not overly embarrassed look."

A little snippet from her book 'It'. - Vogue

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