Wednesday, August 14, 2013

you know what scares the HELL OUT OF ME

Last night we learnt that one of my daughter's friends older brother's had taken his own life. A beautiful soul that could not find his way out in how he was feeling and thinking. Over my years I have encountered suicide a number of times and have been touched by why and how this all comes about. The thing is it is hard to tell and you never know when, how or why. Yes you can watch and supervise but they also need their freedom to live their lives. You cannot be everywhere all of the time.

I have always been super sensitive to suicide and it is probably one of the most scariest things that comes across my mind when I have I have had a disagreement with someone or life has changed in one way or another. Please please know that every life is valued and someone in the world wherever and who ever you are - KNOW THAT YOU ARE LOVED AND CARED FOR. 

Around 2,000 Australians die from suicide each year and there is no doubt that depression is a major cause. Of those who have killed themselves, many have experienced depression or bipolar disorder. For every person who dies from suicide, at least another 30 people attempt suicide.

Contributing factors to suicide may include:

Depression  many people who suicide have experienced depression. This may be the result of another mental illness.

Psychosis  some people suicide because they are confused as a result of their hallucinations or because they want to get away from the symptoms.

Drugs and alcohol – misuse of marijuana, heroin, amphetamines and alcohol is closely related to suicidal behaviour.Suicide warning signs. The majority of people who suicide give warning signs about their intentions.

Some of the warning signs are:
Expressions of hopelessness or helplessness
An overwhelming sense of shame or guilt
A dramatic change in personality or appearance, or irrational or bizarre behaviour. 
Changed eating or sleeping habits. 
A severe drop in school or work performance. 
A lack of interest in the futureWritten or spoken notice of intention to commit suicide
Giving away possessions and putting their affairs in order.

Please if you are depressed and cannot find your way out seek help with a family member, friend or call Lifeline on 131 114. Read more at The Better Health Channel or SANE Australia | pic we heart it

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