Thursday, August 15, 2013

spring is near TIME TO DETOX

There is a sense of excitement as the clouds clear and make way for blue skies and warmer air. Spring is the time we all start fresh and spring clean our spaces, homes and our bodies. Time to get ready to bare our bodies after being all wrapped up in winter woolies.

Here are 5 detoxifying tips from Marie Claire -

Set yourself up for success
Preparation is key for a good detox. You will benefit from being mentally prepared by clearing tight schedules to make time for the detox. Clear your pantry from tempting junk to make it easier to detox. Go shopping and cook up healthy recipes that you can freeze. Make sure you have on hand all the equipment to make juices and smoothies in the morning.

Take out the trash

Detoxing from time to time will help your body cope when you do indulge in the richer and more tempting foods like chocolate biscuits, chips wine, etc.No-no’s for a month of detoxing.
• wheat or potatoes
• dairy
• sugar
• caffeine
• alcohol
• red meat
• processed foods like carbonated drinks, condiments such as tomato sauce, anything with preservatives or tinned (with the exception of tuna in olive oil).

Get the good stuff
These foods are uber-healthy, they’ll help speed up the detoxification process. 
• Spelt, oats, rye, brown rice, quinoa.
• Natural yoghurt, sheep milk or goats milk yoghurt
• Soy, oat, almond or rice milk.
•Small amounts of agave syrup, brown rice syrup, raw honey.
• Two small pieces of fruit daily before 4pm and not directly after main meals (Miller recommends bananas; berries, paw paw, pineapple; kiwifruit; apple or pear).
• Dandelion coffee, chicory, herbal teas and up to two cups of green tea before lunch
• Lots of water (essential part of a detox).
• Protein such as lentils, beans, tofu, eggs, fish and organic chicken and turkey.

Set new habits
Use this time to focus on setting new habits that will keep your health on track year round. 
• Consume at least 2.5 litres of water daily. Drink mostly in the morning upon rising and in between meals.
• Eat every four to five hours daily. This will stabilise blood sugar levels, increase your basal metabolic rate, eliminate hunger and minimise cravings.
• Try and have protein with every meal.
• Exercise daily for an hour each day, at least five times per week. Mix it up with variety, length and intensity. This is important to release daily tension, improve circulation, increase metabolism and amp up the feel-good factor.

Focus on the inner
One of the benefits of detoxing is clarity of mind, and with that an increase in positivity and vitality. We release emotional baggage and as a result become lighter, brighter and clearer. 
- Keep a journal whilst you’re on a detox is a great way to track your symptoms, as well as your emotional state of being. Jot down any physical symptoms you’re experiencing as well as how they’re affecting you mentally. It’s common to feel tired, cranky and emotional during a detox. Acknowledge and accept these emotions and know that they will pass.
- Identify and accept negative emotions which can be confronting and tricky. A helpful way to release old stress is to write a letter directed to the person your emotions are targeted towards. This allows us to freely express ourselves without interruptions or fear of confrontation.
- Take time to do things that make you happy. This will vary from person to person but might include spending time with family and friends, meditating, reading a book, sitting in the sun or having some quiet time to yourself.
- Increase consumption of alkalising greens such as kale, spinach, broccoli, parsley, barley, alfalfa, chlorella and spirulin.
• Avoid carbohydrates for your evening meal. Instead fill yourself up with a medium-size portion of fish, chicken, meat and lots of salad or veggies.

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