Thursday, August 8, 2013

phone étiquette PHUBBING

Have you heard of the word phubbing? All over the media lately there has been a new term introduced and it is called PHUBBING.

'Phubbing' is the act of snubbing a person or group of people in a social setting by being engaged on your phone instead of paying attention as to what is happening around you and who you are with.

Todays modern day society it is so widespread that people are actually missing out on what is going on around them. An Australian man has started an anti-phubbing campaign to help us realise that we are not physically or mentally enjoying our lives to their full capacity. All manners have been tossed out the window in the anticipation we may miss something on our social media platforms and to create that snapshot to upload to our instagram. I am guilty of the photo taking as a memory for what is happening at that time to be recorded to reminisce later on down the track. Then my phone is placed aside to interact with what is happening around me.

One rule I have is when we are eating together out and about or at home our phones are placed aside so we can have discussions about our lives and what has been happening.

There are certain etiquette tips we should all adhere to -

Avoid reading emails at meal times or when at social events. Select certain times to read them through out the day and plan not to read them at any other times. You are to enjoy the company you have and actually have the time to have a real conversation and engage sincerely.

Do not put people on hold in any situation.

Try not to call anyone while on public transport unless it is important. Do you really want someone listening to your conversation? If I know someone is travelling I tend to text rather than call. 

Try not to get distracted by the buzz or ping of your phone while talking to another person, unless it is a child or someone needs help.

Are you known to phub at times?

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