Thursday, August 8, 2013

devastated much OFFSPRING

Patrick (Matthew Le Nevez) and Nina (Asher Keddie).

Social media was raging last night with the death of Patrick (Matthew Le Nevez) on Offsspring. I can feel emotion welling up inside know just talking about it. There were tears and sadness everywhere. Not since Molly from A Country Practice or Mel from Packed to The Rafters has everyones emotions ran so high and social media has been like therapy allowing us to vent and share our thoughts and sadness. The acting between Patrick (Matthew) and Nina (Asher) was phenomenal. Patrick you were amazing. We will miss you. 

We all have to take the time to go through the grieving process to get over a loss.  When actors pull you in and make you apart of their lives, and everything seems so real, connecting with us in a way we never thought they could leaves so much room for the highs and lows that come with their lives.

An article in The Age stated that 'Offspring creators say they were lucky to keep Matthew Le Nevez, left, as long as they did.'

Edwards says that one of the rules they set for themselves when they created Offspring was to not repeat themselves or rely on standard genre conventions.
“We’ve tried to go forward with stories that might be unconventional in a romantic comedy story. For example, going ahead with the pregnancy, normally that wouldn’t happen in a rom-com. We deliberately wanted to go into new territory, just go where the characters would take us. The issue of mortality was new and we thought we should do it.”
Nor did they exploit the tragedy as a cliffhanger. “We did debate a lot when we’d do it in the series,” says Banks, “and we decided that, firstly, we wanted to settle the relationship and, secondly, we wanted it to be before the birth, not after the birth, partly because in character terms we wanted Nina to have something … we wanted to end the season on a complicated but hopeful note.”

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