Monday, July 8, 2013

little ways to SAVE

Running a small business is fun and I love it. Know that i have some stock I am trying to save some money while I can to build up a little cash for an overseas trip i would like to do with my daughters next year. I am trying to establish a fortnightly amount to be taken out of my account every 2 weeks. I have set up an automatic debit so that way the money is already gone before I consider spending it. 

Other ways to help grow your savings is to :
- save at least half of what comes your way either through your tax return, a bonus or whatever extra's come your way.

- try and use cash as much as you can. Plan your daily activities and cater for them by taking out the cash and only spend that. Try and eliminate spending on your debit or credit card by forcing yourself to use cash only.

- Try and eliminate unnecessary spending. Try and go a week with out spending a cent. 

Do you have any saving tips that you could add? Please feel free to do so in the comments.

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