Wednesday, July 31, 2013

3 tips on how to WASH, HANG + FOLD

We all have our own techniques to how we wash, hang and fold our washiing. I have to say I am a bit of a washing and folding fusspot, unless my girls are taking them off the line and I do not complain. 

Washing technique

Zip and Button 
Before you throw your clothes in the washing machine, take the time to make sure that your buttons are buttoned and your zippers are zipped. It will mean that your garments are less likely to snag one another in the load. Check and empty pockets. 

Use a liquid detergent. 
I have started using a liquid washing detergent as I find there is no residue afterwards like some powders can leave. Also leaves my laundry smelling so fresh and beautiful.

Protect with a laundry bag. 
If you don’t have a  laundry bag on hand, you can protect small or delicate items using a pillowcase. Simply place your lingerie, hosiery, and other delicates in the pillowcase and then tie a knot. This will prevent wear and tear. I keep a pillowcase in my laundry with my zip up laundry bags just in case.

Wash inside out.
Protect the important part of your garment by turning your clothes inside out before washing them. Especially with dark pants and denim, to prevent fading. If you have machine washable items that include beading, screen-printing, or other embellishments, turn these items inside out as well and place in a laundry bag as well to protect the delicate fabric and embellishments.

Hanging technique

- Pants shorts and jeans to be hung by the waist band.
- Knits, jumpers and delicates to be place over the line with out pegs or placed over clothes airers
- Tops to be hung from the waistband
- Shirts, jackets to be hung on hangers

Folding Technique

If I am taking the washing off I like to take the time to fold and place the washing neatly in the basket ready to be put away. (weather permitting of course)

Do you have any special techniques with washing, hanging and folding your washing? Please share.

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