Tuesday, July 23, 2013

think HAPPY

If you think happy you will be happy. This is what I am trying to teach my daughters that thinking and believing in happiness. I was one of those people that used to dwell on all the bad or unhappy times in my life and over the last year of trials and tribulations I have changed my way of thinking with less negativity in my life.

A few tips I have found helpful from Marc and Angel -

Feel privileged to be alive
Spend your time appreciating and revelling in that you are alive and well. You are able to see a new day begin and end. Make the most of out what you have and then you will realise and be thankful for everyday.

Believe in the possibility of a new tomorrow
What you believe and think determines who you become. The thoughts that run through your mind are a reflection of how you choose to spend your day. You have to believe that your hope and determination is stronger than the fear that lies beneath. Your actions habits and daily routines are a reflection of how your thoughts and beliefs.

Know deep down that every step is worth it
You gain strength, courage and hope through every obstacle that comes your way. Make that step even when you are too tired or have had enough. Each every step is worth the time and effort and this is who makes you the person that you are and who you would like to become.

Appreciate the beauty in the small things
There is beauty in everything and everyone. Concentrate and sit where you are taking in and exhaling each and every breathe. Moving and appreciating the chance of the moment. If a little child can see the beauty why shouldn't you. Smell the flowers, dance in the rain, skip around the house. Dream every instance with open eyes. Subtract the obvious and you can see the meaningful.

Feel good enough
Most of my life I have never felt good enough. But lately I have changed and started believing in myself and realising I can achieve my dreams. Without a humble and reasonable confidence in your own abilities you cannot be effective or happy. Know that you are good enough, smart enough, beautiful enough and strong enough to get through any obstacle that comes your way. Do not compare yourself to others 'you are you that is truer than true. There is no-one alive who is youer than you' - Dr Seuss.

Be conscious to detach and live in the present
Learn to let go and move on. Accept that everything is changing and evelving. Each moment of your life is unlike every other. Live each moment to the fullest and to do this you need to learn to be in the moment, fully and then step out of it. This is detachment. Do not be afraid to feel that emotion. Embrace the emotion and or feeling then, think I have experienced this and then move on with your life.

Embracing change
Living a positive life hinges on your ability to accept the fact that everything is constantly moving forward, away from everything that previously existed. You need to trust yourself to move forward into the unknown. Open yourself to new things, open the doors of opportunity for positive growth.

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