Monday, July 15, 2013

practical ways for SELF IMPROVEMENT

Read a book every day. 
Learn a new language. 
Pick up a new hobby. 
Take up a new course. 
Create an inspirational room. 
Overcome your fears. 
Level up your skills. 
Wake up early. 
Have a weekly exercise routine. 
Start your life handbook. 
Write a letter to your future self. 
Get out of your comfort zone.
Put someone up to a challenge. 
Identify your blind spots. 
Ask for feedback. 
Stay focused with to-do lists.
Set Big Goals 
Acknowledge your flaws. 
Get into action. 
Learn from people who inspire you.
Quit a bad habit. 
Cultivate a new habit. 
Avoid negative people. 
Learn to deal with difficult people. 
Learn from your friends. 
Start a journal. 
Start a blog about personal development. 
Get a mentor or coach. 
Reduce the time you spend on chat programs. 
Learn chess (or any strategy game). 
Start a 30-day challenge. 
Befriend top people in their fields. 
Let go of the past. 
Start a business venture. 

Show kindness to people around you. 
Reach out to the people who hate you. Take a break. 
Read at least 1 personal development article a day. 
Commit to your personal growth.

read more at life hack | image - Faye Dunaway poolside at The Beverly Hills Hotel, the morning after the 1977 Oscars. The Academy Award she won the previous night for 'Network', is on the breakfast table. 
Photographer Terry O’Neill 

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