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mum revelations JULIA WHITNEY

1.    Where do you reside?
Upper North Shore, Sydney, NSW.

2.    What is special about where you live?
Our 1950’s house, the wide open space we call our backyard and the three little boys and one big boy I share my home with.

3.    How did you get your business started?
I had come from quite a dynamic career involving lots of international travel and entertaining.  Although I was loving being a mama, when I found myself ‘settling’ in the suburbs with a 2 year old and a 4 month old, I realised I needed something to stimulate the career girl that was still very much a part of me.
I didn’t, however, want to return to my old (full-time) career whilst my kids were so young so I decided to start my own business from home.  With a whole lot of determination and a very small investment I set up a website and started hosting parties to showcase my goodies to friends.  That was ‘6 years and one more baby boy’ ago and I’m still loving what I’m doing.

4.    What is your favourite childhood memory?
Visiting my Aunt & Uncle’s farm and my grandparents, in a little town called Beechwood (near Port Macquarie) every school holidays.  We would chase cows, build dams in the river, ride motorbikes and tractors, collect eggs, and just roam free with our cousins. We were free range kids. I would cry for 2 hours on the drive home because I didn’t want to leave.  It’s still one of my favourite places to visit, and now my kids cry for two hours on the way home because THEY don’t want to leave!
5. What are some memories that you like to create for your children?
I hope they will remember us all spending time as a family doing both ordinary and extraordinary things together.  
We have given our kids some amazing experiences and taken them to some fabulous places but I’m quite sure it will be the funny conversations around the dinner table, movie nights on our lounge and making cubbies in the backyard that will stand out in their memories in the future.

5.    Who inspires you?
Professionally, I am part of the Table of Fabulousness which is a group of inspiring business women from different walks of life who all meet up once a month to brainstorm and discuss our challenges and wins.  We all work for ourselves and most of us work alone so this group time is invaluable.
The group is driven by an old friend and mentor, Cindy Luken, who is a terribly savvy business women and a great motivator for all of us.   I am also a huge fan of Julia Bickerstaff from The Business Bakery who is an amazing mentor and helps keep me on track when I start to get the speed wobbles or look like taking a wrong turn!
Personally – any mama who makes it through the day knowing she did the best she could or, if she didn’t have the energy to do the best she could, accepts her kids won’t be permanently damaged for life because of that one bad day (can you tell I have had ‘that one bad day’ today!?!)

6.    Describe your perfect day?
A sleep in.  And that’s it!  Oh how I wish …
OK, maybe a sleep in followed by yummy breakfast at a café then time outdoors where we can all soak up the sunshine and fresh air.  A super hot curry washed down with a glass of red for dinner and three little boys who go straight to bed (without getting up 47 times) would finish the day off perfectly, thanks very much!

7.    Favourite holiday destination?
Pre-kids it was Bora Bora.
Now we have three kids it’s Port Macquarie, or as we call it Port Macquarie Port Macquarie!
Sometimes, for me, it’s just going to Woollies on my own.  Seriously. J

8.    What are some of your favourite items that you could not live without?
Boring as it seems, I’d find it VERY difficult to get by without my iPhone or laptop as they allow me to do business without being stuck at home or in the office.  If I need to, I can check emails at the park or send a message from school assembly! Chocolate also plays a substantial part in my life and my latest favourite is Greens Organic Dark Chocolate (85%).  I may have eaten a few squares whilst answering these questions.

10. What is your favourite product for kids and why?
I have SO many great products, especially those that encourage creativity, in my little shop.  It really depends on the age of the child, but one common element in all kids is imagination so if I had to choose just one product, it would be a quality scrap book or great set of pencils.

11. What is one product you have bought that you did not need but just had to have?
There is not one particular product that stands out.  Rather, there are several* pairs of shoes that probably fall into this category. * When I say several, I may mean quite a few more than several

12. Your favourite children’s fashion label?
I LOVE a homemade Australian brand called Little Toot Creations.  Bec, the owner, makes THE best long shorts for boys and jammies for everyone. I also love Seed, Fred Bare, Eeni Meeni Mini Moh.
Little Toot Creations -

13. What is your family’s favourite meal?
If I go out for the evening my husband makes the boys ribs.  They call it ‘Boys Night’ and there is not a vegetable in sight. We all really love Sushi so that would be our choice if we had to find something we all agree on!

14. Are you a fashion conscious mother? If so what is your favourite label for yourself?
I guess I am fashion conscious.  I love nice things.  My staple is a fab necklace and I rarely leave the house without one on. I have labels from Kmart to Fendi in my wardrobe but don’t have an absolute favourite.
15. What is the best thing about being a mother?
Squeeeezy hugs, gappy smiles and watching those tiny little poppets grow into boys with their own opinion, style and sense of being.  I absolutely adore being a mama - This statement is true 97.3% of the time.

16. To finish off would you like to add a favourite photo? Tell us why it is your favourite.
I am an instagram addict and have always LOVED photography of any kind so I have a huge collection of ‘favourites’ to choose from.  I’ve chosen this shot of my three boys one Easter morning, playing with bubbles in the front yard of my 91 year old Nan’s house, overlooking the farm I was telling you about.  My favourite people in my favourite place. What’s not to love? Instagram - rudyandthedodo

Thank you, Julia, for sharing your mum revelations.
Thanks for having me! x

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  1. I think Julia is totally the Bees Knees. What a gorgeous soul she is xx


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