Saturday, July 13, 2013

get what you want VISION BOARD

I have always been a lover of a vision board and after watching Mitchell Coombes on The Morning Show. I am more inspired now to create my vision for what I would like out of my life.

Turn your dreams into reality. What you think about you bring about. A thought you think about for more than 3 seconds or more is yours. Hold onto that thought and keep it.

Create a vision board to draw your thoughts and dreams into your life. Your different experiences, opportunities - a holiday, a new home, good relationships are just a few things you can bring about.

Surround yourself with pictures of what you dream about and you can create a life of your dreams.

Place a photo of yourself in the middle of your vision board and place all the things you would like from your life. Place them all on an angle so they are facing into you.

What you think about you bring about!

- take my girls for a tour of Europe
- a prada bag
- $10.000 from Sunrise cash giveaway
- a ladies bike from Reid Cycles
- a successful business Junior Epitome

Have you created a vision board? What would you like from yours?

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