Thursday, July 25, 2013

etiquette NEW BABY

There are certain etiquette that you should keep in mind before visiting a new baby and their family. One must -

Call ahead
Check and see before you visit that the new mother would like visitors. One must not just show up unannounced. Keep your visit brief, do not show up empty handed or expect to be waited on or entertained.

Skip the visit if you are sick
This should go without saying. A must is to maker sure that you are in good health and that everyone accompanying you are well before visiting. When you arrive do not pick up the baby unless you are invited to do so. Be sure to wash your hands before you hold or touch the baby.

Keep your advice to yourself unless you are asked
Everyone has an opinion on how to look after or raise the baby. If the mother asks for advice be sure not to offer too much. 

Focus on the mother and less on yourself
Be very careful not to one up on the mother's labor and delivery experience with details of your own. Each experience is different and unique. 

Names are personal
Be gracious with the response upon hearing the name of the new baby. Naming a child is a very personal decision. The name chosen is usually the one that the parents love. To make curt comments or remarks or disapproving facial expressions is an insult to the parents.

Respect the mother's privacy
If the mother decides to breastfeed the baby, be sure to ask if they would like you to leave the room during feeding time. Mother's should always ask if the guests mind you feeding the baby in front of them. Breast feeding mother's are more relaxed these days but there are some visitors that may not feel comfortable watching. - Jacqueline Whitmore

When you first had your baby did you organise any special times or get togethers for your visitors? Or did you just have an open home for people to turn up when they pleased? 

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