Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Are you one to hide your face when someone takes a photo of you? I have to admit I am not a fan, but I have changed my outlook as everyone needs memories. How often do you look at a photo and it takes you back to where you were at that specific time. 

Dove's research has found that women and girls are their own worst beauty critics and will actively avoid situations when their appearance is brought into the spotlight, such as having their photo taken. When confronted with a photo of themselves over half of women only saw the negative, considering themselves unattractive, ugly or too fat. But others see us differently.

Dove wants to remind women how to recapture the feeling they had when they were young and fearless in front of the camera and to embrace their own beauty, then pass that attitude and life lesson on to younger girls in their life.

Dove's Global Self-Esteem Ambassador Jess Weiner shares her tips to help get you back into the spotlight -

Ban beauty-bashing comments such as 'I look so fat' or 'I’m having bad hair day.' Negative talk makes everyone feel anxious about their looks. The more positive affirmations you make about her own beauty, the more her self-confidence will soar. 

Nobody is perfect. Just remember that those 'perfect' images of celebrities have been styled and retouched by a team of professionals from start to finish. There's no such thing as perfect beauty. 

Don't get caught up about how you look in a photo, but rather think about when you're 70 and remember how great it will be to have captured that time in life. 

Finally, Focus on Making Memories. Instead of stressing about looks in a photo, women should think about how they will feel when looking back in years from now. Remembering the joy they had at the beach with family or a specific celebration shared with family and friends. When women focus on the type of memory being made, they will find that their face and body will relax, resulting in more natural, genuine smile and true enjoyment. 

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