Wednesday, June 26, 2013

why is everyone DISSING JULIA?

I am sorry but I have to have my say. I am so over everyone DISSING ( acting or speaking disrespectful towards) on Julia. How would you feel if you were attacked like Julia? Whether you like her or not why do so many people have to bag her out. No one EVER deserves to be picked on like Australia's Prime Minister. What happened to Australian's sticking together and supporting each other. Yes we are entitled to our own opinions but Julia is our Prime Minister for goodness sake and above deserves RESPECT. It should never come down to people being so vindictive and nasty, Julia is just as vulnerable as the rest of us. She does not deserve to be treated so disrespectfully along so many channels be through magazines, journalists or TV programs it is so WRONG. Even a well respected magazine has been reported to show bias towards Julia and a few people have actually gone to dis LIKE this magazines page. O

On several occasions Julia has given opportunity with a ballot for those who wanted a change of leadership and again Julia held the position. Give her a break stop being so disrespectful. Like her or not no-one deserves to be treated this way. Australian's are meant to stick together.

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