Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I am embarking on a weekend away with my sister, sister in law and 5 other lovely ladies. We will be staying in Phillip Island in Melbourne. I am the only one flying in from Sydney I am happy to be getting away for some girly chats and fun. I have not done anything like this before. I have been thinking for the last few weeks trying to gather what to pack as it will be mighty cold.

According to Parisian Chic - A style Guide by Ines de la Fressange every Parisian likes to look their best at the airport. A parisian style checklist will include:

- Loose fitting comfortable pants for long hall flights.

- A big warm sweater as a top up over your layers. Layers include a tank, along sleeved top ready to add or adjust to when you reach your destination.

- Moisturiser, lip balm and eye drops. Hydration is so important.

- Socks to slip on when you take your shoes off.

- A tennis shoe (converse for Ines) I have a pair of high tops I may consider taking. 

- A large tote bag to accommodate reading your books, magazines and iPad/laptop.

A parisian loves to travel light : she will always take two two small wheeled suitcases rather than one huge monstrosity. She is also genuinely skilled in the art of not taking her whole wardrobe on holiday. Colour of her suitcase is black, nothing with any garish prints or bright colours. 

As most of the travel within Australia is carry on luggage I take a roll away cabin size bag with my hand bag and a tote bag and I normally find that sufficient for my little trips. I will also be taking long boots with a flat heel. I am all for comfort and style with a touch of Parisian Chic.

My luggage will consist of an essential striped top, a tank for layering, jeans, boots, flat shoes (converse), scarf or two, blazer, leggings, long knit tops, jewellery and all the essentials. I would love to take a skirt and tights but I think it will be too cold. A few pieces I will be packing:

V Neck Knit | Leggings | Faux Fur Vest | Country Road Bateau Stripe Top (last year) | Flannelette Pyjamas

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