Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Ever since I found out at the end of last week that I had parent teacher interviews for my daughter who is in Year 12. I have been anxious and I was trying to think of every possible way I could get out of it. As I do not drive I was thinking of how getting a bus to the local shopping area near my daughters school, in the too much effort basket, I was also feeling slack at the same time as I really wanted to go and I know my daughter wanted me too as well. In the early hours of yesterday morning I woke up trying to think of ways to back out of going. I even thought of faking a migraine, but as the day progressed and I got my head around that I have to do this and that I can do this. I want to do this for my daughter and you know what I committed and I did it.

I left early so I could peruse the shops but as it is a small shopping centre their is not really much that I wanted to purchase. So I bought the latest Prevention magazine walked to Gloria Jeans and sat for a good hour reading waiting for my daughter to meet me. Then she purchased an iced chocolate and a ham and cheese roll and we walked around 15 minutes to school. 

You know the best part was that I got to hear what the teachers thought of my daughter and how we could be proactive with the upcoming HSC - 20 weeks to be precise! I was impressed at how they are so helpful at working with my daughter to bring out her best. I also got to catch up with some mother's I have not seen since she was in primary school.....it was like a little mum reunion.

So I say go forth and get over your anxieties and prosper in life and attitude.

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