Thursday, May 30, 2013

do it yourself BANGS

A year or two ago I took the plunge and cut my side swept fringe into bangs and I have not looked back. Most of my life I have had a fringe and I do not think I will change anywhere in the near future.

Here's how you can get them & keep them looking great...

Do It Yourself 
If you can't make it to the salon for a trim, buy yourself a pair of hair shears (the blades on regular scissors are too thick)

+ Starting with dry hair, gather your bangs in one hand, then gently pull them down and rest them in a point on the bridge of your nose, holding them in place by pressing your thumb on top of the ends (your thumb should be upright, above the rest of your hand). 

+ Don't pull them too taut because when you let go, they'll spring up and be too short. 

Snip the smallest amount possible, going up and around your thumb tip. This way, the bangs end up a little longer as they approach the temples—it creates a nice, natural shape.

If your fringe is thick and straight all the way across, though, see a pro: It's really hard to get an even line doing it yourself and many hairstylists will trim bangs for free.

Avoid Product Overload.
The heat of a dryer is enough to tame bangs - using products can make them greasy or crunchy. The exception is fine hair, which can benefit from volumiser. If flyaways are a problem, mist a brush with hair spray and running it over the bangs.

A fringe requires frequent trims—about every three weeks—to keep them looking good.

source - bellaMUMMA | pic pinterest

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