Friday, May 10, 2013


No one knows our dreams better than we do.  It may take some time to solidify exactly what we want as we are learning from failed attempts and misdirection, but we don’t all get it right the first time.  In fact, I would argue that we don’t ever get it correct on our first attempt because we can always learn something and improve upon it.  Whether it be in our romantic lives, our career pursuits, our fashion choices. 

The question may arise that if we are always choosing ourselves, aren’t we being selfish?  If someone chooses themselves, it doesn’t mean they are acting against their good conscious, they are simply choosing the direction that will capitalise on their talents.  Talents that hopefully will benefit those around them in some degree whether it is a happy partner coming home from work each day, or a teacher in the classroom who contributes much, with little monetary reward, but priceless sleep-filled nights knowing they are trying to improve the future. 

Not choosing ourselves actually promotes more selfish desires because by constantly bowing down to other’s life plans and not our own, we tend to fill the void with instant fixes – excess material items, excess food, and other unhealthy behaviors. Or the worst outlet, projecting our unfulfilled dreams onto others – pushing them in the direction we didn’t have the courage to travel but so deeply desired.   Why?  Because we didn’t value ourselves. 

Take a moment today and ask yourself, are you choosing yourself?  If you already are, pat yourself on the back and continue to support others to do the same.  And if you’re still in a quandary, look to those that will support you no matter what path you take.

As mother I do always tend to put my daughter's and others at times first but I do believe that if we put ourselves first we become better people so we can give our best. It is important to look after ourselves so we can be our best for everyone else.

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