Wednesday, April 3, 2013

parisian chic FLY IN STYLE

Every Parisian likes to look good at the airport.Here is Ines de la Fressange's checklist for flying in style:

For long haul flights, the Parisian slips in to ultra soft low-waisted velour sweatpants. Never a skirt and never a dress. For myself I would wear leggings or stretch jeans. I am not the sweatpants type.

A big warm sweater is essential. Underneath, pile on the layers, starting with a tank, plus a long sleeved t-shirt, ready to peel off as required at your destination.

Moisturiser, lip balm and eye drops. Hydration is everything. I love baby lips lip balm and paw paw ointment.

Socks to slip on once you have taken off your shoes.

Tennis shoes (converse for Ines and myself). Do not even think about travelling in heels or boots. If you take them off to sleep, you will never get them back on!

A large tote bag to accommodate your books, magazines and laptop/ipad.

The Parisian loves to look as if she's travelling light: she will always two small, wheeled suitcases in place of one huge one. She is genuinely skilled in the art of not taking her entire wardrobe on holiday. As for the colour of her suitcase, black is best. 

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