Thursday, April 4, 2013

a little about my BROTHER


This week my daughters and I are off to Melbourne for my brothers wedding. We are super excited to be spending time with family and to see my brother marry the lovely and fabulous lady in his life.  A few of you may know my brother's journey in life so far, which has a lot of tumultuous ups and downs.

Firstly in the year 2000 he married the love of his life only to lose her five years later in a tragic accident while they were vacationing in America. The a few years later he met the lovely lady he is about to marry and together they have had 3 children. The first born who died in utero at full term. This was a terrible time for my brother and his partner and for us as well but more so for them as they had to grieve and come to terms with losing a baby they were ready to welcome into the world. Then nearly a year to the day of losing Cooper they welcomed a gorgeous little girl whom they called Sophie and then 2 years later they welcomed precious little Mason. It will be a very special occasion to watch and celebrate their union together.

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So while I am in Melbourne I will be taking the time off from blogging to spend precious time with my family. I will showcasing a few of your favourite posts from the past. I will be back here on Monday the 8th April. 

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