Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I just love these 5 points from Oh My Dior for us woman to keep in mind to be in harmony with yourself.

Do not be afraid to let the past go. When something is not making you feel good it does not matter what it is you just have to let it GO. When you are more connected and true to yourself you will experience JOY. So trust yourself and follow your inner guide - your intuition.

You have to honour yourself and your truth no matter what it is. Remember the little things that get you excited and do them regardless of what others think. Take time to enjoy those little things. Do a little everyday, if you can.

Do not live to please others and do not be afraid of what others think of you. The real truth is that no one really cares much more than you think they do. Live to be HAPPY, live to do what you LIKE and live in FREEDOM.

Improve your spiritual life by being conscious that everyone is equal. Nobody is more and nobody is less. People grow spiritually at different rates so have patience, everyone has their time - do not JUDGE.

Find a lover who makes you HAPPY, who honours your truth. Someone who you can confide in and who cares about your happiness. Be with someone who makes you smile.

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