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Bianca Balti and Bianca Brandolini d'Adda front row at Dolce & Gabbana Ready-to-Wear A/W 2013.

You could call me the procrastination queen but I need to break free. You know you have so much to do but you lose the zone every now and again and sometimes it take a little push to get started again. I am great in the morning and sometimes lose my mo-jo at lunch time as the brain runs dry and needs an uplift to get motivated again. Are you a procrastinator? How do you get over that hump and get on with your tasks?

Examine the amount of time you procrastinate

Take note of the time that you have spent away from set tasks. 

Examine the effect

What lies ahead if you have not completed your set task and what benefit will you have on completion of your task once accomplished.

Set yourself reasonable goals

Make a list of what you would like to achieve across your day and tick off those you have accomplished. Allow yourself reasonable time to complete the items you have set yourself. Set yourself time incase other tasks pop up in between the time allocated for each task.

Create a new habit

You may not want to achieve all your work right now. But you can still be thinking about ways to do your tasks more efficiently. Give yourself a time limit to initiate the first steps to set your task on the way to completion.

Approach each task in small intervals

This way larger tasks will seem less daunting. Take regular small breaks and divide tasks over a period of time instead of completing all in one hit.

Just get started

Doing nothing to something is often the hardest part to getting started. Think of how good you will feel when you have accomplished all your set tasks. It takes 15 minutes to become engaged in your activity and then you will find it hard to stop. Block the distractions and accomplish what needs to be done.

Reward yourself along the way

As you progress along reward yourself with a coffee or tea and a little treat to help you carry on. Say no to the distractions which will change what you have set yourself up to do. 

Do not expect perfection

Remember that an imperfect job done today is always superior to the perfect job delayed indefinitely.

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