Tuesday, March 12, 2013

pillow talk

Did you know that you should change your pillow at least every 2 years? Tontine is one of Australia's leading pillow manufacturers has conducted some scientific research stating that our old pillows could be causing us major health issues.

Tontine shows that we're keeping our pillows long past their use-by date. Eighty-five per cent of Aussie pillows have stains from sweat or age, a good sign that pillows need changing. In an industry first, Tontine has a freshness stamp on synthetic pillows. So just how long should we keep our pillows and which fillings are best?
Synthetic Pillows
Synthetic materials: usually polyester and often labelled 'microfibre' or 'spun fibre' – are the most common pillow filling. Yet while machine washable and cheap, synthetic pillows attract dust mites and mould, which means they should be replaced often. A good test is to place a book on top of a folded pillow. If the book holds the fold down, it's time to ditch the pillow.

Cotton or wool pillows
Ever seen rain run off a sheep? The wicking properties of wool allow moisture to be repelled. Both wool and cotton pillows breathe well, absorbing less sweat and making them a good anti-mould option. Natural fibres are also a good choice for those with chemical allergies and aren't as favoured by dust mites as synthetic materials.

Feather and down pillows
While those with feather allergies should avoid these fillings, they're ideal against dust mites. Research shows that, after six months of use, feather pillows have eight times fewer dust mites than synthetic pillows. They also last longer. You know when to replace a feather pillow if it doesn't fluff out, back to its original shape, after squeezing the air out of it.

Latex Pillows
Latex pillows provide support for back or neck pain, but don't breathe well and can be hot. That causes the clammy sweat that can lead to fungal moulds. (Look for pillows made from natural latex such as rubber, which will help.) On the plus side, latex pillows are dust mite resistant and long lasting, providing they are regularly aired. - body and soul

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