Wednesday, March 13, 2013

in-flight tips with MIRANDA KERR

Miranda Kerr

Harper's Bazaar asked Miranda Kerr for her mid-flight glowing tips and this is what she said:

“Generally when I get on the airplane I make sure I cleanse my face straight away. I’ll cleanse, mist and moisturise, then I might pat on some rosehip oil on as a treatment, depending on how long the flight is. 

"On a long-haul flight, like when I come home to Australia, I’ll do more because the plane is so drying on the skin. I love the Kora Rosehip Oil, the Eye Recovery Gel is also really great as it contains sea-buckthorn, which is anti-aging. I also layer on a lip balm. Then I just let that all absorb into my skin. So you really ensure that your face is well nourished and revitalised while you are flying and then just before we land I’ll just put a little bit of tinted moisturiser.

"I also like to have a colour lip, it’s nice to have a pop of colour and bring life to the face. I like the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Rebelle, I wear it all the time. But there’s also a Revlon ColorStay Liquid Lipstick in Top Tomato, which is brighter. It depends on what I’m going for – if I’m going for a stain or going for something like a proper, solid colour.

"I’m tired, you’ll just see me with my sunglasses on because at least that way I don’t have to worry about mascara or anything because I’m hiding behind them! I just have to worry about having a bit of colour on the lip and the sunglasses hide the rest. 

"As far as my hair goes, I will either leave it out, put it in a top knot or do a little plait to give it a little texture. During the flight I always have an eye mask and ear plugs. I’ve done this since I used to travel back and forth when I first moved to New York. I would always make sure I’d get a window seat and I’d be curled up by the window with my eye mask in a cocoon. Now I’m fortunate enough to have a great relationship with Qantas so I’m at the top of the plane, which is really nice! But it’s also nice to have experienced both sides. And it’s the same with my country upbringing and now where I’m at. It makes you really appreciate and be grateful for where you’re at and also to be able to relate to everybody.” 

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