Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Sarah Jessica Parker

You will most likely be judged as soon at the first second of meeting another person and making a good first impression is incredibly important as you only get one shot. People tend to make a snap judgement within the first second of meeting you. How do you make a good first impression and to know that people are judging you accurately and seeing your best side? Always be authentic as most people can tell if someone is being fake. 

Always set an intention 

Before any big event where you could be meeting a lot of people set your intention while you are getting to your destination. Like the type of people you would like to meet and the interactions you would like to have. This will give you the chance to focus on the energy you would like to transcend at the event.

Think about your ornaments

Clothes, make-up jewellery, shoes accessories are all forms of ornamentation and they are always taken into account when they make their initial judgement of you. Make sure what you wear and how you look transpire what you would like them too for your initial meeting.

Be conscious of your body language

Body language is so crucial for your first impression. How you carry yourself yo how you sit and the way you angle your body are all important. Being aware of your body language can result in immediate improvements to how someone portrays you. 

Be interested and interesting

If you are interested in meeting people and are open to learning who they are they will notice this in the first impression. Approach with genuine interest in who someone is and they will become interested also.

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