Tuesday, March 12, 2013

fashion tips from KIRSTIE CLEMENTS

Ralph Lauren Blue Label, Spring 2013.

For those who do not know Kirstie Clements was Editor of Vogue Australia for 13 years. So I really think she should know a thing or two about fashion. I found this article in an old Notebook Magazine and just had to share as style and basic fashion does not change and their are classic pieces we should all have in our closets.

Truthfully access your figure and dress to suit.
If your arms are not your strong point, the wear sleeves at work. If your legs are great, wear skirts. Do not follow trends if they do not work with your shape.

Before you even think about fashion, grooming is incredibly important.
Groomed eyebrows, discreet fragrance. Manners and grooming make the most lasting statement.

Some items will work forever.
A well cut black dress, a neat jacket in navy or black, a trench, tailored pants, a good wool or cashmere knit, white shirts and t-shirts. These items can then be dressed up or down depending on the shoes - flats, sandals or heels.

Quality over quantity.
I do believe in saving up and buying the best quality accessories you can afford - one expensive handbag makes far more of an impact than ten cheap ones. it is the same principle with jewellery - one great gold bracelet says a lot more than a pile of junk.

Stay well heeled
Update your wardrobe with a new season shoe, wear them constantly for six months and then update again! Shoes do not really keep for a long time: you don't need 50 old pairs mildewing in the cupboard. 

- Notebook Magazine 2010. Pic Ralph Lauren Blue Label

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