Thursday, March 7, 2013


A simple pleasure in life is something that we enjoy making a hectic schedule more enjoyable. It is important to take time out and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Welcome special and significant moments into your day by indulging in the simple pleasures.

It you relax and indulge in the simplicities life can offer you will become more productive in all that you do. Take the time everyday to indulge in something simple that pleases you in every way.

+ Take the time to catch your breath and breathe in deep and exhale slowly.

+ Close your eyes and just daydream for a few minutes to refresh and renew.

+ Indulge in a spa treatment - a manicure, a pedicure, a treatment for your hair, a facial, a massage

+ Take the time to read your favourite magazine

+ Take the time to learn something new - a new language, a dance step

+ Design a special menu

+ Serve your meals on your favourite crocker with style and finesse

+ Enjoy the warmth of the sun as the weather begins to become cooler

+ Place your favourite take away on a plate and enjoy with a glass of your favourite wine

+ Take the time to converse with your children to learn about their day

+ Sunday morning with your favourite Sunday paper and a good coffee or tea

+ Plan something special and get excited as the time gets closer

+ A buttery flaky croissant with your favourite jam

+ A baguette with lashings of butter

+ Indulge in chocolate chip hot cross buns as easter approaches

+ Sit and enjoy your favourite television program with no interruptions

+ Knowing and believing that you are going to create the life you dream of

+ Always looking your best

+ Taking the time to look and feel fabulous everyday

+ Finding the perfect look for that special celebration you have coming

+ Always finish your day on a happy note

+ Hug someone you love

+ Smile at a stranger as you pass then my

+ Help someone who is struggling

 Take the time to make yourself and someone else smile you never know how you might make them feel. Please feel free to add your simple pleasure in life.

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