Monday, March 11, 2013


Elie Saab

'Always be a first rate version of yourself instead of a second rate version of somebody else.'- Judy Garland.

Be authentic. Be true to yourself.
Everyone should live by this statement. If you are not living in your own shoes then you are not really living authentically. If you are not happy with yourself then why should anyone else like you?

Care about people.
Naturally the more you care about others the more they will care about you. If you give love and kindness you will receive love and kindness in return. 

Make others feel good.
People will rarely remember what you did but they will always remember how you made them feel.

Be honest and take ownership of your actions.
Own up to your actions otherwise your actions will own you. There is nothing wrong with owning up and admitting you were wrong. It takes courage to admit that you were in the wrong, and ultimately in the end you will feel better that you were honest.

Smile often.
I know when I see others smile it makes me smile as well. If a stranger smiles at you smile back and know that you have made someones day. 

Respect everyone.
There should be no boundaries when it comes to respecting others. Treat everyone with the same amount of respect you give an elderly member and have the compassion and patience you have for a little baby. People will notice your kindness.

Adress people by their name.
People like the sight and sound of their own name, just like you do. So try and remember names and use them courteously when they are being spoken to and also in written communication.

Say please and thank you.
These two words make demands sound like requests and inject friendly monotones into serious conversations. Using them can make the difference between sounding rude and sounding genuinely grateful.

Excel at what you do.
There is no point to doing something if you are not going to do it right. Excel in all that you do. Develop a reputation for yourself and create a reputation for consistent excellence.

Help others when you can.
In life - you get what you put in. When you make a positive impact on another life this also makes a positive impact on your own life. 

Put a small personal touch on everything you do.
Customise everything you do with a personal touch of you.

Get organised.
Make a regular habit of organising your living and work space then you will always be able to get your work completed.

Do your research and ask questions.
Prepare yourself and do your research by asking questions. Do your research ahead of time so when their are questions asked you will have some detail and clarification for the information required. In turn you will be respected for understanding the material you researched.

Listen intently to others.
Just like you like to be heard so find the time to listen to others with out distraction.

Invest time in yourself everyday.
You are the product of what you know. So take the time to invest in yourself and you can change the trajectory of your life. The more time and energy you and money you spend acquiring knowledge the more control you have over your life and the more valuable you will be to others around you.

Perform random acts of kindness.
Put a smile on another persons face by helping them out with small gestures. Do not be the one who stands back and watches another help someone else when you know you could have helped them yourself. You never know hoe good you can make someone else for by being kind.

Compliment people.
Take the time to offer a compliment if you notice that someone has gone out of their way to shine. Everyone likes to hear when their efforts have been appreciated. - Marc and Angel image - Elie Saab

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