Friday, March 1, 2013

Body + Soul Challenge for MARCH

A running program that will take you from the couch to the pavement in as little as nine weeks.

March For March is body+soul’s challenge to get our readers moving. Starting tomorrow, we want you to walk a minimum of 10,000 steps a day for a month so you can feel the benefits. 

Australia is facing an obesity crisis, high levels of lifestyle-related illness such as type 2 diabetes and increasing levels of stress, anxiety and depression. It's time for change! So join our march and embrace a more active lifestyle. It's free to walk and free to join. 

All we ask is that you pledge your intent on Facebook and give us a shout out on Twitter and Pinterest with the hashtag #march4march. Spread the word and see if you can talk some of your friends into doing it with you. Excuses are much harder to make if your friends are holding you accountable!

For more free motivation, download the body+soul app, which has a built-in pedometer.

This sounds like a great challenge to take part in. I would like to loose a few kilos in time for my brothers wedding in April and this will help me look and feel better. Will you be joining me? Lets help each other stay motivated and imagine how we will feel at the end of March. 

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