Wednesday, March 13, 2013

5 things you should know - TEENAGERS

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1. This is a stage of development when a young person strives to find his or her own way. It needs to be supported by parents giving the space for teenagers to  experiment and firm boundaries to keep them safe. 

2. Your reaction to your teenager's new independent attitude is important to the successful completion of this phase. Be prepared to bite your tongue at times and to feel a little heartbroken when your previously devoted and affectionate child finds fault with you much about you. It will pass.

3. 'Choose your battles' is a great rule for parents of teenagers. If you are uncertain about allowing a certain activity, ask yourself  is it life threatening, morally threatening or unhealthy. If not, be prepared to bend a bit. Your teenager's safety is more important than whether his or her room is tidy.

4. Children of all ages watch their parents, even when you are unaware of it, and they learn much more from what you do than from what you say.

5. Teenagers appreciate respect and a degree of privacy. A good, respectful relationship with their opposite-sex parent will help them feel competent making relationships with other people of the opposite sex.

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