Wednesday, February 27, 2013

THE VOGUE FACTOR Kirstie Clements

Kirstie Clements was editor in chief of Vogue Australia for 13 years and she was sacked last year. Kirstie was promoting the release of her book 'The Vogue Factor' on The Morning Show yesterday. The book goes on sale today and I believe it will be an interesting read hearing from the inside view of an elite magazine, like VOGUE.

Extracts from The Vogue Factor
On growing up in Sutherland Shire and Dr Scholl’s sandals: “My mother refused to buy me any. She had noticed all the surfie chicks shuffling down the street in them, and had apparently been revolted by their dry, cracked heels.”
On her first trips overseas: “No backpacks, I would like to clarify that straight away. No hippie stuff. Always a suitcase. And always in full make-up.”
On having babies: “The twins were identical, and a handy tip I learnt … was to paint the toenails of one baby, so you wouldn’t mix them up … Chanel stepped in, supplying me with the popular Rouge Noir nail lacquer, which I thought was a good, strong, masculine shade.”
On having children in Paris: “It’s all very well dressing tiny babies up in beige Bonpoint cashmere for the first six months, but when the child is two, and fighting like a Tasmanian devil as you try to force him into his padded ‘combinasion’, visions of T-shirts and bare feet at Bronte are never far from your thoughts.”
On couture: “Witness a Valentino couture show and you can imagine you are a princess at a dinner party in Rome in 1969 … I was chatting to a British fashion journalist after one Valentino showing at the Louvre and she said grumpily, ‘I thought all that was boring.’ I can’t begin to describe how badly dressed and ill-groomed the woman was.”
On sitting next to Naomi Campbell at dinner: “Naomi has a reputation for being tricky, but I found her to have a charm that was completely disarming. She had recently been to New Zealand, and we chatted over dinner about Maori culture, and life in general.”
On the Princess Mary shoot in Denmark: “Back in my room, I switched on the television to the abject horror that was the aftermath of the Beslan school massacre [in Russia in 2004]. I quickly turned it off, and I cancelled the Herald Tribune [newspaper]. I needed this week to be a magical fairy tale. The grim reality of the world could wait.”
On fashion bloggers: “I couldn’t manage to get to the coffee being served at the MaxMara show last season because a blogger was blocking the way, taking an Instagram of the croissants.”
On shoes: “The Vogue fashion department’s rabid attention to detail delivered me a sterling life lesson – if the shoe isn’t right, then nothing is right.”
On Vogue culture: “We once spent a good 15 minutes at our Monday morning meeting settling on which Royal Doulton tableware we should order for the boardroom.” - daily life

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