Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Yes! it can drive most of us nuts hearing a child scream, but to ban them from shopping centres - seriously - What the? Centre management at Dee Why grand mall have placed a sign stating that 'Screaming children will not be tolerated'. Above all of this the food court is right next to a play centre for children. Where in their right mind do they have the authority to do that. Yes agreed that children running around causing havoc and not listening to their parents or minders is considerable enough but to stop children screaming and having fun in a play centre is just ridiculous. What are your thoughts on banning screaming children from the mall? What are shoppers meant to do leave their children at home alone or heaven forbid in the car while the parent shops? Seriously who do they think they are!

I was on a bus yesterday morning and there was a family on there with 2 little children and one was being so loud and rude to the father. Yes I found it annoying that the child was so loud but  some of the things the father was saying to the child I could not believe. We need to look at a situation and think about the child and realise that they are not intentionally naughty. It can come from family members and how they are treated. They only learn from what they know. Should we ban them from public altogether? I cannot believe that this shopping centre thinks they seriously have the power to dominate in this way.

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