Monday, February 11, 2013

make your life HAPPIER + HEALTHIER


Eliminate the clutter

Take the time to get rid of things that you do not need or that are not good for you. Donate or sell those clothes you no longer wear, if you have not worn something in the last 2 years then dispose of them. This will create more space for what you do wear.

Get rid of unhealthy foods. Clean out your cupboards and get rid of all the unhealthy. My daughters and I have said no to potato chips, we try to bake all our sweet treats from scratch. The only indulgence we have is chocolate. Swap the processed foods like white flours, sugar and the unhealthy flours for healthier alternatives.

Add a vitamin supplement
To fill in the gaps of all the vitamins and minerals you do not get enough of with your daily intake of food. Add and omega 3 supplement as well for glowing skin, to help reduce stress and inflammation in the body.

Drink water
Everyone knows to drink more water. But not many do. It is important to replace your body with the fluids lost everyday by drinking 8-10 glasses per day. Water helps eliminate toxins and keeps you hydrated. Try to take a bottle of water with you everywhere. When you see it you will drink it.

Eliminate complaints
Stop complaining about what you want and create what you want. Try setting at least three clear goals a year. Set goals that excite you and that are achievable. It helps to write your goals in a present tense that way they are more likely to become reality.

Create a daily routine
Set aside 10 minutes a day for yourself this will help eliminate daily stress and anxiety. Meditate or exercise in the morning before you begin your day. Relax before bed, read a book , take a bath or drink a cup of herbal tea in a quiet relaxed place.

Move it
Exercise not only makes you fit. It helps boost your mood and increases your energy. Find an activity you really enjoy and want to do. It does not matter just get your body moving.

Take the time to write
Writing in a journal helps clarify your thoughts and feelings, helps reduce stress and resolve problems more effectively. Write down the highlights of your day, something you learned, or just one reason why you are grateful for all you have.

May sound a little cliche but where would we all be without love in our lives. Make time to schedule the people you love. Hug your friends, spend time with your children. Tell them you love them. Smile at someone you do not know. Small little gestures can lift your mood as well as theirs and in turn make a big difference.

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