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Do you ever let a lack of confidence stall the growth of your business? Lots of women entrepreneurs struggle with this, in fact, self-doubt is a major challenge for many brilliant and talented women just like you. Here’s a secret, being an entrepreneur can leave you feeling pretty vulnerable, because your business is an expression of you. Being seen and opening yourself up for potential criticism can feel very scary. Many businesses fail when smart entrepreneurs cave in to doubt, and allow fear and insecurity to damage their spirit.  In this article I will share four keys that you can use to sure-up your confidence, so you can be free to grow your business and make a greater impact on the clients you serve.
Adjust your perspective.

The outlook that you have about your own significance in the world will influence your sense of confidence. You might feel that the services you offer are not important, and instead of sharing more of who you are you hold back which reinforces your feelings of insecurity. The truth is, we are all powerful in our own way, and you have no idea how your service might help someone else. You may be leaps and bounds ahead of your clients in a particular area of life and your help may shave years off of their learning curve. Instead, of deeming your experiences as insignificant, ask yourself this question, 'What if what I know and the service that I offer could impact this person’s life in a positive way?' My guess is that you will share your gifts more often when you shift to this empowering perspective.

Focus on your contribution.

You built your business with your customer’s interests in mind, so as an alternative to dwelling on your lack of confidence stay focused on the contribution you can make to others. Not many of us like to feel vulnerable and exposed, and I get that at times you might want to hold yourself and your talents back out of fear of criticism and rejection. However, this does not serve you or your clients. The quickest way to get over your fears is to put your attention on other people. This works well, because it allows you to stop focusing on your own stuff, and enables you to give to the lives of others.
Embrace your feelings.
What you resist will persist, so whenever your feelings of fear and self-doubt come up embrace them. It’s perfectly normal to feel insecure when you are stretching outside of your comfort zone for the growth of your business. The key is to keep stretching. Acknowledge your lack of confidence in the moment, and decide that you will move beyond your fears. Journaling is a great way to sort out what’s going on for you, and it’s also an opportunity to remind yourself of all of the wonderful things you have already done in the past. Remembering your accomplishments will help you reclaim your confidence.
Get into action.
I have learned through many years of trial and error that the fastest way to cure my lack of confidence is to take action. If you allow fear to fester it will eventually immobilise you, so moving forward in the direction of your intended goals is your best alternative. Taking action in your business will help you gain belief in yourself and build momentum. Make a list of the things that need to get done (yes, even the small tasks) and prioritise them. As you check off each item on your list take notice of how you feel. When you start seeing results you will begin to feel sure of yourself. Over time your actions will become more inspired and aligned with your purpose.
Confidence is essential to your success as an entrepreneur. Use these strategies as often as you need to quickly reclaim your sense of self, so that you can continue making a real difference in the world and the lives of everyone you touch. - entreprenista

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