Thursday, January 24, 2013


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We are all creatures of habit and routines help keep us on track. Sometimes the same old routine can hold us back from achieving all we would like to achieve. Make an audit of your daily practices and see where you can introduce a change. Make the changes small to adjust to your new routine and alter as required to get all you would like out of your day or week.

Take a look at your exercise routine and alter accordingly. Fitness instructors recommend changing your routine every 6 weeks or so to challenge your body and stop your form getting bored.

Instead of sitting their watching the television swap your time with something you enjoy, like a hobby or learning something new. If you are constantly challenging yourself and keeping the brain active, scientists believe that you are less likely to develop alzheimer's or dementia.

Do you like to finish the day off with a treat or something sweet? I love a little sweet treat after dinner. Research has found that treats, like chips, biscuits, ice creams etc can contribute to most of your energy intake for the day. So maybe have the little sweet treat during the day so you have a chance to burn off all that energy.

Look on the happy side of life and find more reasons to smile. Genuine smiles are linked to positive outcomes such as personal wellbeing and a longer life.

Walk whenever you can. Physical activity can lesson the chance of heart disease, stroke and diabetes and lower the risk of bowel and breast cancer, as well as your chance of becoming depressed.

Take a packed lunch to work. Not only do you save money but you are also more likely to pack something nutritious and be healthier. Stock up on healthier options ready for the week at work.

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