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staying in these HOLIDAYS?

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Why not make staying in special some of the time. Staying in can be therapeutic and relaxing, but sometimes it can be monotonous and boring especially if you have children to entertain as well. It can be a good idea to mix it up and create a special day staying in. 

The day before.

Clean the house. 

A regular weekly clean will help create an organised and uncluttered environment so you can fully relax and enjoy your surroundings.

Finish chores that need to be done. 

Complete them ahead of schedule and remove tasks that may be tedious, but necessary. Put the trash out, sweep the floor, clear bench tops. This well help so you feel like you are actually on a vacation.

Do a little grocery shopping. 

You can enjoy a lovely breakfast in the morning.

Purchase fresh flowers.

Fresh flowers add a lovely touch and welcome to your home.

Ideas on what to do.

- Lose track of time.

Enjoy yourself, slow down and relax. Breathe a little deeper and go at your own pace.

- Read with abandon.

I never really make time to read except when on vacation away from my home, unless I am sitting by the pool. Sit in your favourite chair or place and read to your hearts content. Flip through a magazine, catch up on your favourite blogs. Just indulge.

Dine locally.

If you do not want to cook then dine in your favourite restaurant or cafe or explore somewhere new you have been wanting to try.

- Spend time with those you love.

Keep it simple and spend quality time with those you love. Play a board game, watch a favourite show or favourite DVD.

- Attend a matinee.

When you want to take the time to relax, in the afternoon when you have finished the morning activities and you are not feeling that energetic, why not, go to see a movie or a play. 

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- Peruse local markets, boutiques, bookstores - take your time.

Take the morning or afternoon to stroll around boutique and try items you like on. Write a list for your favourite meal and shop for the freshest ingredients at the local farmers market. Try a thrift shop or consignment store and look for special little treasures.

- Nap if you feel like it.

If your body requires a rest then do exactly that. Take a nap and enjoy the rest. Your body will then be refreshed to tackle the evening.

- Hop on a bike and take a ride.

If you enjoy a bike ride then take the time you do not normally have to roll around and take in your local surroundings.


- Take a stroll outside.

Try to include a little exercise by doing something you enjoy. You will feel rejuvenated and feel better that you have taken the time to do a little exercise.

- Listen to your favourite music.

Let music fill your home and revel in the pleasure of uplifting music and dance around the room with your children or sing like no one can hear you.

- Buy something for yourself.

Everyone enjoys receiving gifts. Buy that special little something you have had your eye on. A candle, a set of new drinking glasses, new shoes. 

Journal to let out your feelings, thoughts, hopes and plans running around your head.

When we slow down our minds tend to wander. Write down your thoughts and dreams. Sometimes putting pen to paper can make sense of what our mind is saying and this can set us free. 

- Take a bubble bath.

Turn out the lights light a candle and have a glass of wine while you take the time to unwind.

- Do something to make someone smile.

It is so rewarding when you take the time to make someone else's day a little brighter. Help someone you see struggling, ring a friend or relative to whom you have not spoken for a while, or just smile as you pass someone. Simple but uplifting for you and the receiving person.

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