Thursday, January 24, 2013


lived in 60s hair

Start working on this look by prepping damp hair with some volumising spray. This will give that sixties volume you will need.

To get the sleek ponytail that’s at the back of this look, you’ll next need to blow dry your hair straight.

Create a deep side part. The one for this look is done on the left and it really doesn’t have to be a clean part.

Now it’s time to get that ’60s volumised look. If you are using this, hold up sections of your hair up straight and then spray it on the roots. Continue holding it up as it dries and just let it fall. Do this all over for a really volumized look. In the absence of tease spray, you can always go back to classic teasing.

Gather all your hair into a low ponytail but make sure you leave some height on top for that bouffant look.

For an extra matte finish, you can dust some mattifying powder.

lived in 60s hair

This look is perfect for day and night, casual or a bit formal. It is a hairstyle everyone should try and it will surely add extra “chic” to any ensemble.

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