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Build a shrine.

We would like to have the ability to have a home that is perfectly clean all the time. But according to Gretchin Rubin author of The Happiness Project. To improve your happiness at home why not take all that stuff and display it in a way that pleases you. Make a special place in your home for something that is important to you. Ideas can include jewellery, arts and crafts, music, wine anything that appeals to you display it. It will add a unique touch to your living space and every time you see it, you are most likely to uplift your spirits.

Embrace good smells.

Embrace the good smells around you. Your coffee, a piece of fruit, clean, laundry or your own home. Your sense of smell can become dull overtime, so focus on appreciating the scents around you and sharpen your awareness.

Do not give yourself homework.

A key to being happy in your downtime is abandoning those half-finished projects. Don't give yourself homework! If you're not doing it, then you're not getting anything out of it, and then it just nags at you like your fourth-grade schoolwork did. So, there's your permission to abandon the fantasy of that huge scrapbook of your trip to Paris — just frame one of your favourite photos and call it a day.

Jump around.

Jump up and down. Getting both feet off the ground can give you a tonne of energy. Listening to upbeat music can totally trick you into thinking you're in a good mood, even if you aren't.

Listen to your body.

Make sure you're not too hot or cold, that your hair's not in your face, wear comfortable clothing and shoes, and make sure that the light isn't too bright. Do a soldier's salute with your hand shielding your eyes. If you feel a sense of relief, the lights are too bright in your workspace, and you could be headed for a productivity-killing headache in the afternoon. Take care of yourself, listen to your body, and work will start to feel less like, well, work.

Embrace cash spending.

Credit cards can feel like imaginary money, so if you want to get real with your spending, try using only cash when you're out and about. Spending money can be a thrill, but getting those bills at the end of the month are anything but fun — and that stress can majorly impact your happiness over time. Paying attention as you go is the key for money happiness.

Re-think your calendar.

Your time, energy and money reflect your values, so you may want to ask yourself how you're spending these things. We have a tendency to go along, making decisions by default. Look at your calendar and at the things you're just involved in. Are you spending your time on people and things that really mean something to you, or just saying yes to everything that comes your way? It may result in a minor case of FOMO — fear of missing out — but saying no once in awhile to nagging events will mean that you have more energy for the people and events that really matter to you.

Give a warm hello.

To be happier at home with everyone you live with: practice warm greetings and farewells. People get in the habit of just coming and going, but, you know, you want to feel like people care when you're coming and going! It's so easy to get distracted during busy mornings and evenings, but if you take those important moments twice a day, it can really make for a happier home environment. 

Get touchy.

When it comes to the other people you live with get as touchy-feely as possible. It's not a surprise, but people who are openly affectionate tend to have closer relationships, so even if you're not always able to spend quality time together, those physical connections can lead to an overall feeling of belonging. Meaning: major props for snuggle time.

Sleep. just sleep.

If we want to get happy we have to get more sleep. People may think they're depressed, but really, they're just exhausted! You may think that you've trained yourself to get by on five or six hours a night, but studies have shown that it's simply not true — sleep deprivation affects everyone's health in one way or another. 

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