Thursday, January 31, 2013

15 ways to LIVE LUXE FOR LESS (the first five)

1. Shop your own closet.

Do you head out the door in hope to find that something special for another event when you have no more space in your closet? I know I am guilty of this and sometimes walk around loving loads of items only to justify that I have something similar already in my closet.

Take a look at what you already have. Take the time to analyse what you already own. Play some music and try on all your 'not sure items' to rediscover the uniqueness you already own and what you may have fallen out of love with. Be brutal and clear the items you are not 100% about or have not worn in over a year and pass them onto charity. Hang all your to keep pieces. 

Simply Classic

2. The cheap and cheerful rule of thumb.

Try not to wear all of your bargain basics all at once. The general rule is that cheap pants in bright colours usually look cheap. But a cheap pair in a neutral colour generally look more expensive. An example is that a cheap white tee will do fabulous with a tailored skirt or pants. Or the basic footless black tights will go great with a fabulous print dress and black flats. A simple, classic but chic look.

3. Go Vintage

When in need for a new outfit, why not, go vintage! FInding an op shop dress that fits perfectly and looks fabulous can be just as thrilling as splurging on a new, more expensive designer item. You know that your vintage item is practically a one of a kind. You can also opt for a vintage reseller where you may pay a bit more. In the end it is the love for the outfit and how you feel when wearing it that makes it all worthwhile.

trench coat

4. Wear a trenchcoat

Take a tip from Audrey Hepburn and wear a trench coat. Trench coats magically showcase a chic silhouette and everyone should have this staple in their closet. Choose a black or camel coat with a classic belted style at the right height and sits straight to the knee. MAke sure the trench has some depth with a soft lining for warmth in a cooler climate.

Parisian chic

5.Think Parisian

The French tend to have small apartments and therefor smaller closets. They tend to have just room for one  jacket, a trench, a fabulous pair of denims and a lovely cocktail dress. The Parisian lady may rehash the same look many times but she will do so with class and dignity. French femmes usually prefer a well worn classic to a  new but quickly forgotten department store buy. Edit your wardrobe like a Parisian and you will only have your best and chicest choices left and a little more money to spend per item.

Adapted from Shoestring Chic by Kerrie Hess.

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