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sparkle + champagne

Bringing in the new year is the time to dress it up and wear what that sparkly shimmery dress that this time is for. Admit it you have had your eye on a sparkly number only to think you could not get away with it as it is too much. New Years Eve is for taking that plunge and stepping out of your comfort zone and wearing what you have always wanted to wear but you have talked yourself out of. It is the opportunity to have fun in the wardrobe and beauty department.

Keep it simple, elegant and don’t show too much
This year the styles are “ladylike, with plenty of beading, lace and embellishment but without plunging necklines or micro-mini hemlines. Jumpsuits are also great choices, for a simple, slimming look that won’t require a lot of fidgeting. 

Leave the daytime handbag at home
If there’s a night to drag the fun stuff out of your closet, it’s New Year’s Eve. “The idea of not carrying all your worldly possessions is good” on a festive night like this one.  Go back to grandma’s rule that after 9 p.m. women should carry an evening bag. Toss your phone, keys, lipstick, powder and invitation in a cute clutch. 

Apply scent smartly to ensure you’ll smell good all night
The first key to giving your perfume staying power is to moisturise well. Put a small dab of Vaseline on the areas where you’ll apply perfume, such as behind your ears, on your wrists or behind the knees. Another trick is to moisturise your entire body well and then walk around in a light cloud of the scent.

A few hours before you’re due to head out, spray clean hair with texturising spray and pin it up in large Velcro rollers. Right before you leave, remove the rollers and spray the voluminous waves with a non-flaking hairspray.

Prime your face to keep makeup in place
Makeup primer might not be an everyday part of your beauty routine, but it’s key to helping your makeup stay in place through all the festivities. Without primer, foundation, blush, and eye shadow tend to settle into creases in your skin and even slide around on oily faces. 

For the best lipstick tricks, ask your grandma
To keep lip color from rubbing off is one of the oldest – apply layer after layer, blotting in between. So apply lipstick and lipliner, then blot and apply a light dusting of powder. Then keep applying more lipstick and blotting, over and over, until you have a nice full look. The layers will help the lipstick last all night – or at least until that first kiss of 2013.

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