Thursday, December 13, 2012

primping emergencies. How to fix them.

The dreaded pimple. Nearly all of us seem to get a pimple when we have something special coming up. You can reduce the swelling by placing an ice cube on the pimple and the some tea tree oil to start drying it out. Use mineral make up as your skin can still breath.

Oily hair. Soak up the extra moisture with talcum powder. Sprinkle the powder and let it sit for a few minutes and then comb through. Another alternative is to apply dry shampoo to restore body and bounce.

Smudged nail polish. If your anything like me to be silly enough to paint your nails just before steeping out the door and then you smudge it. A quick fix is to lightly touch your nail to the tip of your tongue and then tap out the gaps lightly with the pad of your finger. If you can add another coat of polish.

Dark circles. Use a brightening concealer under your eyes and dab a little white eye shadow on the inner corner to help them appear more awake. Drinking more water will help increase blood flow which can help reduce the bags.

More emergency fixes can found at drop dead gorgeous.

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