Tuesday, December 18, 2012

holiday time PACKING ESSENTIALS #1

One of the biggest tips I can offer is ALWAYS take out travel insurance. After having my brother lose his wife overseas, if it was not for travel insurance to cover medical bills, travel back home etc. This time would have been more painful than it already was if they had not taken out travel insurance. 

Also register your travel details at smart traveller

Money + Documents including:

+ Passport 
+ Travel Insurance
+ Email addresses to keep in contact with family + friends
+ Traveller's Cheques
+ Cash (from where you are you + your destination)
+ Addresses where you are staying and other places 
+ Other photo identification
+ Airline tickets
+ List of emergency numbers
+ Itinerary
+ Leave a copy of your passport details with relatives or a close friend
+ Business Card
+ Journal 


  1. You can also register your travel details on a government website, just in case! x

    1. Oh yes. Thank you for that reminder. Adding to the list now. x


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