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I love this idea. I have always wanted to do something to help enrich my life by helping others. I never new that you could help from the luxury of your own home and computer.

The gift that gives 

I have never heard of the Karma Currency Foundation, Have you? If offers a range of online gift vouchers where the recipients gift is to donate dollars to the charity that is closest to their heart.

Be an online mentor 

The transition from high school to working life or further education can be hard. You can volunteer for the Smith Family's iTrack Online Mentor Program where you can help a disadvantaged young person through this time.  Covering tips on how to dress for an interview to office etiquette and further study options. Students and mentors interact online via a secure and monitored chat room for one hour each week over an 18 week period.

Unlock your grid for good 

IBM's world grid project which harnesses the idle computing power of regular people's PC's to help scientific organisations do the number crunching for breakthroughs such as clean energy to boosting the nutrition value of rice in developing countries and helping to better understand muscular dystrophy. Donating a huge chunk of your computer power can make it all happen much faster. All you do is download some free, secure software and let the information do its magic. In 2003 allowed scientists to identify 44 potential treatments to fight smallpox in three months. Without the grid, the work would have taken more than a year to complete.

Food in a click

The hungersite website has given more than $28 million in aid to charities around the world. All you have to do is click on a button on their homepage and they donate a cup of food to a hungry person. The Hunger Site has broadened to include breast cancer research, children's health, rainforest conservation, literacy and animal rescue.

Register your skills

The Extraordinaries is an app that can be downloaded to marry up non profit organisations needing help with volunteers who have certain skills and a few free minutes. 

Your mouse can roar  

The Getup Organisation is a vibrant force for social change in Australia through a combination of dynamic protest and fierce courage. They allow you to donate money to a campaign, or oyu can add your voice to petitions just by clicking your mouse.

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