Saturday, December 1, 2012


As a publisher you like to create a seamless and simple experience for your readers and visitors to keep them coming back. I found these tips on IFB.

1. Check your blog's images. Images should not be too big as they can drag down the blog's load time. If so. take the time to resize your images to a smaller size. You should also check that the images load properly as you may not be seeing any glitches.

2. Access your blog from other browsers. Try to check your blog in each browser as they can all load fully. make sure your CSS [ cascading style sheets - the look and format of your presentation] is not acting up in a browser you do not frequently use.

3. Update your plugins. Certain plugins [software component which adds specific capabilities to a larger software application] need to updated to function properly. You need to update regularly to fix bugs and other errors to keep everything running smoothly. 

4. Test out your comment section. Spam filters and comment moderation systems can act up. If you do not know if the comment area works then how can your readers leave a comment. So take the time to leave a comment to make sure all is working well.

5. Clear out your dead links in your blog roll. Do not let the dead blog [blogs that are not posting} links take up valuable space in your blogroll. Delete. Update. Save.

6. See how long it take your blog to load. The key time for a blog page to load should be around 5 seconds. If it is any longer your reader can get impatient and may leave before your content has loaded. If it is taking a while to load then consider cutting the widgets you have active. Also limit the amount of posts you display on your main page. your blog should then load faster.

7. Optimise your blogs widgets. If you can live without certain widgets, then take them down. Then can distract your readers so stick to 2 or 3 that are your favourites and make sure they are coded properly and in tune with your blog.

8. Update your archives. If a reader would like to peruse your older posts they should be able to so in an easy way. Use the widgets available to make access easy.

9. Utilise your search bar. Try your search bar to make sure it is working correctly. Do your posts show properly are your images loading well? Try your search bar and see what happens.

10. Double check your RSS feed. We often forget about our RSS feeds [really simple syndication of web feed formats]. This tool delivers your posts straight to your readers, without this your readers could be missing out on posts. Try subscribing to your own feed to see if it is working. 

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