Thursday, November 15, 2012

the ups and downs of PARENTING TEENAGERS

Welcome to my first regular feature in regards to parenting teenage daughters.

I have to admit my teenage daughters are fairly easy to get along with although my eldest is queen of the attitude stakes. She has a tonne of attitude over the last couple of weeks. Is it the pressure of her final year at school. She has loads on her plate and is coping well. Miss R has been a little disheartened this week as she did not get picked for school sports leader and they chose all males denoting that they picked the best interviews. My response is well done on going through the process of applying with a resume and cover letter and sitting through an interview. All processes to open your eyes a little to the outside world. 
As a parent we all only want the best for our children and hope they find their place in the world with ease, excitement and joy. Parenting is tough and especially when you are doing it on your own. 

Another dilemma faced this week is my eldest has found flaws in her gorgeous face and wants to cover them up with foundation. I have struggled this week as she has not taken a liking to me suggesting that she 'does not need to pack on the foundation'. She does not get pimples [well very rarely] but has a few blood vessels that are minuscule near her nose. I have purchased a BB cream [Garnier BB cream oily to combination] for her to apply but she wants more coverage. I have struggled as she has come down stairs with out blending properly and I have had to take some off or blend it smooth for her. This morning perfection was found and although she has argued with me about what I have had to say she has secretly been listening to what I have had to offer. She had applied the Dove tinted essential moisturiser and then applied the BB cream over the top. Her skin had UV protection and nutrients to help keep her skin glowing and beautiful. A happy mumma and a very happy teen.

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