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racing tips MELBOURNE CUP

The race season is upon us and Melbourne Cup is the biggest racing day for most Australian's. The Melbourne Cup is the one and only time I take time out to place a bet. I have to admit that I am still not sure how to go about the betting part, but I do love getting dressed up and going out with my lovely friend as we do on that first Tuesday in November. A few years ago we even attended the Melbourne Cup with a family and a few friends. So amazing to be amongst an iconic Australian extravaganza.

My nana had a little flutter often and I remember every time we used to visit her she used to always pull out the form guide and ask us to pick a horse. Nan used to make her bets by picking the colour of the jockey's shirts or by choosing a name that included one of her children or grandchildren.  I listen for tips and watch the news for performances leading up to the main race to help pick my winner.  I have never won anything major but I love to have a try, who knows maybe one day I my pick may win. How do place your bets? 

Tips on how to read the form guide -

Whether you choose the lift out from a newspaper or a race book you buy at the track, all form guides summarise the past performances on how each horse has placed to give you an idea on how they have performed.

1. Each of the day's races, including the distance, is marked in the guide. Each listing beside the horse is a list of the history for each horse including jockey trainer and breeding. The more money your horse has made generally means the better horse.

2. Understanding the past performances is key to picking a winner. The form guide shows specifics with the margin they have won/lost by, the distance ran, the condition they have raced in. Compare the distance on the day to choose which horse has had the best results for that particular distance in the past.

3. Check the margins they have lost by as they may have only lost by a short margin and find improvement to win next time.

4. Check the horses performance under similar weather conditions for the day.

5. If in doubt ask a booking for their tips and take the chance they do know what they are talking about. I have done that before.

Betting lingo 

Win bet ~ this is the simplest form, you just pick the horse you think will win.

Place bet ~ if your chosen horse finishes in the first three, you will receive a dividend. But remember if there are less than eight horses running their is no dividend if your horse finishes third.

Each-way bet ~ gives you both a win bet and a place bet. So if you get close but miss first place you will still win something.

Quinella ~ select the horses you think will finish first and second in no particular order.

Trifecta ~ pick the first three horses to cross the line in order. If not in order this is a boxed trifecta.

Quaddie ~Pick four race winners in a row. Generally placed at the end of the day in the last four races hoping for  a big win.

tips from SUNDAY magazine.

For a few tips take a look at The Hoopla

My picks for the Melbourne Cup race at 3.00pm

Not sure if I will go each way, trifecta or box trifecta. Decisions to make.

Red Cadeaux

My Quest for Peace
Red Cadeaux
Mount Athos

These picks were from Sunrise this morning. Who are you placing your bet on?

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