Monday, November 19, 2012

parenting MONDAY - Trust

Do you ever feel anxious on the eve of a change happening. My daughter is on work placement today for hospitality. Most of the day yesterday I was trying to work out ways to make it all easier for her to get to her destination, as she has to catch two buses. One of which I will be catching with her and the other directing her in the right direction and hoping she knows where to get off. I know she will know but why do we worry so unnecessarily and think of things that can go wrong instead of thinking positive and trusting judgement and belief that all will be fine. I guess I news to realise that she is 17 and it is in her best interest to work out and solve issues for herself, which I know she is capable off. But sometimes we all panic and second guess ourselves and worry 'are we going the right way?' 'will we make it on time?' Once Monday is done and dusted and she has arrived home all ok. The weight will be lifted as she now knows how, when and where to go and get off. I just have to trust that her common sense will kick in and she will be ok.

I will let you know how it all goes. Enjoy your Monday. xx

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