Monday, November 12, 2012


Simply stunning for summer hair to keep strands out of your face.

1. Before jumping into the braiding process, prepare your strands. If you're prone to frizz, use a little hair serum or mousse, this will also make the job when easier when start shaping the bangs. 

2. Next is the parting. If you've decided where to begin the braiding, make sure you separate your strands the way you want to wear them. You can go for either the left or right, there's no rule for this. This is the area where the starting point of the braiding is.

3. Now, separate your bangs. Grab the hair at 1.5-2 inches from your forehead. Then to make sure the line is even, brush this hair forward. These strands will create the braided section. Put the rest of your into a ponytail until you finish.

4. When you're ready, grab the bangs and further divide it into 3 separate and even strands (as if you would French braid the hair in the back). Then, go on braiding the two parts on the sides, however, the one in the middle should constantly grab and incorporate the rest of the bangs, this way securing the braided section to the head.

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