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HANGOVER SEASON how your body fights back

Sniffing peppermint leaves or having a refreshing peppermint tea can make you feel more alert and alive, giving you an energy boost.

Hangovers are draining and affect nearly every part of your body. This is where the body goes into recovery mode trying to fight the toxins you have placed in your body. Hangovers leave you feeling lethargic and nauseous. The body fights back like this......

Headaches are the most common side effect of being hung over. The cause of the hangover headache is still not clearly understood. “All we know is that alcohol is a known vasodilator, which means it widens our blood vessels, and that in turn increases the blood flow to the brain. “This combined with the effects alcohol has on various neurotransmitters and hormones contribute to the painful throbbing in your head.” 

Stomach and Liver are not as efficient when alcohol has been consumed. The intake of alcohol places extra strain on the liver, which does not allow it to metabolise sugar which causes a decrease in blood sugar levels.
Which can cause weakness, tiredness, moodiness and depression.

Mouth and Throat are dry and you are well and truly on your way to dehydration. You should replace your body fluids with water and maybe even an electrolyte drink to replace body salts lost.

Healthy Hangover Recipe

Lycopene, a carotene, can help cure hangovers. It is most commonly found in tomatoes but also other red fruits and vegetables, like watermelons, papayas and red carrots. To get a healthy dose of lycopee try this wholesome homemade pizza recipe.

1 sml Pita bread (carbohydrate)
1-2 tsps tomato paste (lycopene)
Chopped chicken pieces (protein)
1 avocado (essential fatty acids)
Baby spinach (full of nutrients including magnesium)
Pineapple pieces (digestive enzymes – to help with digestion)
Chopped banana (potassium and B Vitamins – and is surprisingly good on pizza!)
Small amount of cheese to bind it all together
Pre-heat oven or grill to a high heat.
Cover one side of pita bread with tomato paste and add other ingredients to taste and preference.
Grill until cheese is melted.

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